Backpacking Trips

Backpacking is my favourite outdoor activity, check out some of these awesome trips!

1 Night Trips

I did all of these hikes in 1 night, but if you want to explore around the areas more or check out some side trails, you could stay longer (particularly at Tenquille Lake, Semaphore Lakes, and Brew Lake)

2 Night Trips

I did all of these hikes in 2 nights, but some can be done in a single night if you don’t do any side trips from the camp sites (Elfin Lakes, Lindeman Lake, Skyline II Trail)

3+ Night Trails

Garibaldi and Mount Frosty can be done in fewer nights, it just depends how much exploring you want to do in the surround area and side trails. I recommend 4 nights for Juan de Fuca and 7 nights for North Coast Trail.

Trail Lists

My compilation posts! Not all backpacking trips, a bit of a mix of both day hikes and overnights.

“Then Something Tookish Woke Up Inside Him, And He Wished To Go And See The Great Mountains, And Hear The Pine-Trees And The Waterfalls, And Explore The Caves, And Wear A Sword Instead Of A Walking-Stick”

J.R.R. Tolkien