London is one of the easiest and hardest pages to write. It’s easy because I did so many things when I was living in London, both on and off the beaten track, but it’s hard to write because it makes me want to go back so desperately! London tops my list of European Cities and whether you visit for a week or stay for years, I really don’t think you could get bored! There’s so much I want to write about for London that I decided it deserved it’s own page! I’ve summarized everything here so that you can jump around to whatever you’re interested in:

Day Trips
Holidays & Events
Markets & Shopping
Sights & Landmarks
Theatre & Musicals

Here’s a list of my blog posts on London, but you can also find them referenced throughout each section:

London BlogRoll

IMG_0111London, Baby – I have arrived safely in London! My flight got in on Wednesday morning and I left the airport in search of the City YMCA, my home for the next four months. I’ve only spent one day and one night here so far, but it seems nice enough. I have a single room with a bed, a desk, a sink, and some drawer and closet space. At first it appeared that the view from my window wasn’t that nice, but once I took a closer look… read more

IMG_1029Settling In – It’s been a whirlwind of emotions over the last week. There was the excitement of first arriving in London, followed by getting physically sick, homesick, and then finally starting to settle in. Things started to go rapidly downhill after my last blog entry when I woke up really sick in the middle of the night. Unfortunately I caught a stomach bug and spent most of last Friday in bed. I’m feeling much better now, but being physically sick always… read more

IMG_0153London, I like your style – If there’s one thing Londoners know, it’s fashion. After seeing some of the truly awful outfits in some of my favourite British movies – think Bridget Jones and Love Actually – I thought the British had no style. However, all the Londoners I pass on the streets every day certainly do. Men go to work in crisp, clean suits and women in business skirts and high heels. I was starting to feel a bit embarrassed of my salt-stained… read more

A Day with Da Vinci – This past weekend was quite long, but eventful! I woke up nice and early on Saturday morning in order to fit in a day of art! It was too early really, I woke up at 5:30am in order to go to the National Gallery to line up for tickets to an exhibition on Leonardo Da Vinci. I met up with another MUN engineering student living in London who told me all about the limited time exhibition going on at the Gallery. The exhibit was… read more

IMG_3664Short Stories: London Edition – Finding the Prime Meridian: Last weekend I decided to go out to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory. Greenwich is still considered part of central London, but it’s a bit farther away and not that many tube stations run there. Unfortunately it took me forever to get there; after waiting a half an hour for a train that never came I finally realized that the tube to Greenwich was shut down for refurbishment… read more 

IMG_0413Hampton Court Palace – I wrote this blog last week, but forgot to post it! Here it is now 🙂 Last week I made a list of all the weekends I have left in London, all the things I still want to see, and all the musicals I still want to go too. I realized I needed to get cracking or I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in! There is so much to do in London that even after four months here I know there’s going to be a lot of things I still won’t see. However, in the last week… read more

IMG_0158Sunny Days – It’s been beautiful here in London since the beginning of March, so I’ve been trying to make the most it! I love spending my lunchtimes reading outside by the river Thames and I’ve been visiting London’s parks more often. Last weekend Rocky and Grant came to visit me here in London! We met up on Saturday morning to explore the city together. I took them to Borough Market which is one of my favourite markets to get food in London… read more

IMG_3798A magical adventure around the English countryside – I’m way behind on my blogging, so I’ve decided to pump out a few entries this week. This one is about the last two weeks of March, which I spent in London. The following entries will be about my Easter break in Belgium and Paris! But first, I finally did a little bit of exploring around other parts of England!Two weekends ago I decided to go on a day trip to Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon,… read more

IMG_0151My Love Affair with London – After a few months of silence and having never finished my posts about London, I’ve decided to start writing again. I’ve been home since the beginning of May and I’ve been bouncing back and forth about what I want to do for my final engineering work term this fall. I debated for a while about whether I wanted to stay home or go away next semester, but in the end I decided I just couldn’t stay away from London… read more

IMG_0111The Best of London – I’m currently reading the book “Londoners: The days and nights of London now – as told by those who love it, hate it, live it, left it, and long for it” by Craig Taylor. As you can probably guess from the title, it’s a collection of short stories about the many different experiences people have had in London. The book starts with a quote from Samuel Johnson, “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there… read more

IMG_3706Picking up where I left off – I’ve been in London for almost two weeks now, so I think it’s time to get caught up with my blogging! I spent the first week of September backpacking around Croatia with Lisa (more about that in my next blog entry) and I’ve been settling into London over the past week and a half! I’ve moved into my new flat and so far I love it! I have a nice room on the ground floor with a double bed and lots of space… read more

IMG_3821Through field and forest: Exploring England – I can’t believe I’ve been in Europe for a month already! Time has been going by so quickly and I have been having a blast! I can’t get over how different this semester feels then when I was here in the winter. I spent much of January feeling very lonely and my biggest priorities were to meet new people and to experience as many London sights as I could. This semester, I’m less… read more

IMG_3935The Parks of London – I’ve been savouring the last bits of warm weather we’ve been getting here in London. It’s been very cold this month, but fortunately the last two weekends have both been very nice! Alex and I took a day trip out to Richmond last Saturday. It’s still technically a part of London, but it’s further outside the city center. Richmond is next to the earlier parts of the Thames and we took a beautiful walk along the river. Richmond Park is one… read more

IMG_4340Living out my childhood fantasies in Oxford – This past weekend, I took a short trip up to Oxford to catch up with my friend from home, Danielle, who is studying there. We hadn’t seen each other since last Christmas, so it was a little bit surreal that we got to hang out in England together! I took the train up to Oxford on Saturday morning; fortunately, the weather was nice to us and it was sunny all day (although it was very cold). We met up with… read more

IMG_4403Reminders of Home – I can’t believe this past weekend was Remembrance Day! I really don’t know where the time has gone. I have just 4 short weeks of work left and just over a month until I am back home again! The last few weeks have been just as enjoyable as the rest of the trip. I’m starting to miss home a little bit, but I’ve been surrounded by some many Newfies lately, I barely feel like I’ve gone anywhere. Helena came to visit for a few… read more

IMG_4981Reflections – I’ve been home in St. John’s for two weeks now, but I want to write a few more entries about the last few weeks I spent in Europe. I worked up to the first week in December and then I spent a week skiing in Austria with my Dad before coming home. I was definitely anxious to come home towards the end of the trip, but it was hard saying goodbye to London since I’m not sure when I’ll be back again. I met so many wonderful people… read more



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