The parks of London

I’ve been savouring the last bits of warm weather we’ve been getting here in London. It’s been very cold this month, but fortunately the last two weekends have both been very nice! Alex and I took a day trip out to Richmond last Saturday. It’s still technically a part of London, but it’s further outside the city center. Richmond is next to the earlier parts of the Thames and we took a beautiful walk along the river.

Richmond Park is one of the biggest parks in London, and it’s where we spent the afternoon. It used to be a hunting ground, so there are still lots of deer and wildlife wandering around the park. During our two hour walk, I saw more deer than I’ve ever seen before! We passed several herds, one of which easily had a least 50 deer. We were also lucky enough (maybe lucky isn’t the right word, I was kind of nervous) to come across a few stags that were fighting each other and rutting their antlers!

Hanging out in Richmond Park

Unfortunately, I didn’t really do much for Thanksgiving and I had to work on Monday, but Lisa and I spent Thanksgiving Sunday doing a bit of shopping before having a nice chicken dinner at a pub. Sadly no turkey, but it was still really yummy! This past Friday, I went to another football match with Kiran. This time it was England vs. San Marino and I really got into the spirit and bought my very own England scarf. I didn’t think England vs. San Marino would really be a huge match, but Wembley sold out and there were 85,000 people at the game! San Marino wasn’t really much of a match for England though and they won 5-0. It also happened to be a FIFA qualifying game!

On Saturday, we went on a walk out to Greenwich! I’ve been out to Greenwich before, but this time we decided to enjoy the weather and walk the 7 miles out there. It took us about 2 hours to get there and I think Tavao was seriously rethinking her choice of coming out with us for the afternoon! Alex took us to the Greenwich market, where we all enjoyed some tasty treats, and then Lisa and I walked through Greenwich Park, up to the Observatory, which has an amazing view of the Docklands and London. We finished the evening off with some fantastic Indian food on Brick Lane!

On the way to Greenwich

It’s been an eventful last 2 weeks in terms of travel plans as well. Lisa and I are heading up to Edinburgh on Thursday to meet my classmate, Helena, who is living in Amsterdam. We’re going to spend the weekend exploring Edinburgh, doing a bit of hiking, and we’ll hopefully make it out to Loch Lomond and the National Park! Then, in November, I’m flying over to the Netherlands to visit Helena for a few days. Finally, I’m heading off to Austria in December! I must be the luckiest girl because my Dad is going to fly over after I finish work to come ski the Austrian Alps with me! I booked our flights and accommodations this week.

I’m off to Edinburgh on Thursday, so my next update will have to be about that. Hope everything is well back home! Missing you all very much!

Love Maria


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