Costa Rica

Costa Rica
San José
5.1 million
Languages: Spanish, English
Independence: 15 September, 1821
GDP per Capita: $19,600
Area: 51,100 sq. km
Highlights: Beach hopping, volcanoes, pura vida
Cost: Relatively inexpensive
*Facts taken from CIA World Factbook

Costa Rica BlogRoll

New Adventures – Hola Amigos, Exciting news – Emily Adey finished her degree in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture and got her iron ring last week! She’s been so busy with final design projects and exams that I’ve barely spoken to her all month, but the hard work paid off and I’m super proud of her! Better look out now that we’ve got two engineers in the family… read more

An Introduction to Costa Rica – Happy to say our trip is off to a busy, but fantastic start! Unlike our last trip, there were no travel surprises and I landed on time in San Jose. We didn’t plan much time in San Jose in favour of more time in Costa Rica’s national parks, but we did really enjoy our short time there. Since were mostly doing adventure activities in the rest of the country, we opted to learn a bit about Costa Rican history and culture and did a walking tour of San Jose…. read more

Hiking Volcanoes – After an eventful visit to Monteverde, we got a transfer to La Fortuna to see Arenal Volcano. The transfer included a 1.5 hour bus ride, followed by a 1 hour boat trip across Lake Arenal. It was an incredibly scenic trip! We quickly left the rolling, forested hills of Monteverde and traveled through valleys and fields on our way to the lake. It was a perfect, clear day, and we were all thrilled when the volcano appeared on the horizon…. read more

The View from the River – Our adventure continues with a rafting excursion, a wildlife hunt, excessive sunscreen and sunburns, and a whole lot of public transit. We departed Arenal bright and early for a 5:45am transfer to Pacuare River, where we’d be white water rafting for the day. Pacuare River is the best river for rafting in Costa Rica and is rated #5 in the world for best white water rafting! Along with many class I-IV rapids, the river is incredibly scenic… read more

Pura Vida – Pura Vida translated means pure life. It is the motto and mantra of pretty much every Costa Rican we’ve met. It can be used as hello, goodbye, or thank you – or even as the response to the question ‘how are you?’ with only the inflection used to indicate how the person is actually feeling. It’s a sentiment of freedom and contentment in life… read more