30 Places to visit before you die

I’m in the mood for a fun, light blog post, so I’m doing this one ‘Buzzfeed’ style. I’ve created a list of the top destinations I’d like to visit, or my “Travel Bucket List”. I have already visited 3 or 4 of them, but I just couldn’t create a list without them! Feel free to share some of the places on your own travel bucket list!

1. Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil


2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia


3. The Alps, Austria


I’m lucky to have recently had the chance to ski the Alps in Austria, but this one has been on my bucket list for a while.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


6. Northern Lights, Canada

2013 © Christopher Martin

7. Great Wall of China, China


8. Galapagos Island, Ecuador


This one is mostly for Seth. The bird is a blue-footed booby and somehow he’s managed to sneak this one on to my list.

9. The Pyramids, Egypt


10. Santorini, Greece


11. India


I don’t actually have a specific place I’d like to visit in India, but the country seems so rich in culture and I’d love to one day visit.

12. Bali, Indonesia


13. Dead Sea, Israel


14. Rome, Italy


15. Petra, Jordan


16. Thyolo, Malawi


Thyolo made the list because of the four months I spent living there, but Malawi would still have been on my list. One of the first projects I contributed to was based in Malawi and I always wanted to visit. It’s a beautiful country filled with beautiful people!

17. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


18. Marrakesh, Morocco


19. The Himalayas, Nepal


20. The Shire, New Zealand


I know the Shire is not actually a real place. But I really just want to go to New Zealand to soak in the scenery and check out some Lord of the Rings filming locations.

21. Geirangerfjord, Norway


22. Machu Picchu, Peru


I was lucky enough to get to visit Machu Picchu earlier this year. No list would be complete without it.

23. The Serengeti, Tanzania


24. Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

ko phi

25. Pamukkale, Turkey


26. London, England, UK


London is easily my favourite city. You can seriously never be bored there!

27. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA


28. Canaima National Park, Venezuela


29. Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam


30. Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

There you have it! I hope I’ve given you all the travel bug! What’s on your list?

Love Maria

Disclaimer: Most photos were taken from Fotopedia, with the exception of personal photos I’ve taken myself.

8 thoughts on “30 Places to visit before you die

  1. A great list. There is only a few that I have visited. I especially liked the Alps. It may have been the company. I think you should add the top of Blomidon, NL to your list

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