Ski trip to Norway

I spent last weekend in Norway and it was fantastic! I flew up to Trondheim last Thursday, which is where my friends Rocky and Grant live. Trondheim is a lot like St. John’s in that it’s situated on the water and it’s very hilly. It’s a lot different then St. John’s in that it’s surrounded by mountains and that the city is actually located right on a fjord. It’s pretty beautiful.

They took me up to a fort that overlooks the city on Thursday night and on Friday Grant took me around the city. We spent some time in the city center and the University where he works and I had my first bowl of traditional Norwegian rice pudding. Everyone dies over it and the University and it was pretty good. We went to the Trondheim Science museum in the afternoon; I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to be very good, but it was great! It’s just all this crazy science stuff that boggles your mind! Rocky and Grant threw a birthday party for one of their friends in the evening so got to meet a few Norwegians as well!

On Saturday we went skiing. The best hill nearby is actually in Sweden, so we drove about 2.5 hours through Norway and across the border to the biggest ski hill in Sweden. The mountain was incredible! Mostly it was just really big; it was fairly tall, but it extended so far sideways that it continued onto two other mountains on either side. From the top you can see tons of mountains all around; it was pretty incredible and I had a great day of skiing! Crossing the border was a bit surreal though….you just drive on through like you’re crossing a provincial border.

On my last day the guys took me snowshoeing. We wanted to hike up one of the mountains around the city that has a really good view of the fjord. We figured we’d just drive up most of the mountain, park the van and hike upwards. Something you’ve got to give the Norwegians credit for: they are really in shape and they really like their nature. There were so many people up on Sunday morning to go to the mountain and go cross-country skiing. I couldn’t believe it! We ended up parking at the bottom of the mountain and snowshoed up through the trees. I was dying a little bit on the way up, but the view at the top made it totally worth it

To finish off this post I’ve decided to include some fun facts about Norway that I learned from Rocky, who is the fount of all knowledge on random things about Norway. I really enjoyed the trip and would love to go back some day. The flight back to London was incredible because we flew right over a huge mountain range and all you could see was the white tips of the mountains as they gave way to fjords all around. In was incredible! The guys came up to visit London this past weekend, so check back soon for another post about that!

Love Maria

Fun Facts about Norway (as learned from Rocky Strong)

  • If you’re a true Norwegian, instead of going to the ski hills, you hike up a random uninhabited mountain and then ski down it
  • It’s illegal to drive a skidoo in Norway unless you own a farm and get a license. This is because when snow falls on a field, it is considered nature and you can’t ruin it by driving over it
  • Norwegians think snowshoes are weird; we got a lot of weird looks when we went snowshoeing and I personally got a lot of joy out of watching Grant running around “wrecking the nature”
  • Kids in preschool spend their entire days outside, unless it goes below -30, they never go inside
  • They have this brown cheese that is kind of carmel-y and really popular. For total success you put it on a waffle for dessert (I tried this, it’s delicious)
  • Everyone cross-country skis and bikes. Even in the winter people bike all the time. They don’t salt their roads as all. NBD.
  • And, my personal favourite and weirdest thing I learned: Norwegians put their babies outside to sleep at night. Unless it’s below -10 then you’re allowed to do this. They really like fresh air.

2 thoughts on “Ski trip to Norway

  1. Something I forgot to mention last time we chatted: I sent mom the link to your blog a couple weeks back, and she wanted me to tell you to do another post soon because she was getting bored of checking all the time and seeing the same old posts. So I’ll let her know you’ve updated 😉

    As for not salting the roads, it’s the same in Brandon, Manitoba. Since salt works by lowering the freezing point of water to less than 0ºC, it works fine here in NL where it doesn’t get very cold. But in the prairies (and Norway, I assume) where it often gets lower than the freezing point of salt water (about -10ºC), it won’t do any good. In Brandon they did put sand down though, but it was just for traction. Fascinating, I know!

    Post those pictures soon!

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