Welcome Back!

Hello friends!

After a year of silence I’ve decided to re-vamp my blog and start writing again! I’ve renamed it Maria’s Adventures: Thoughts from a young backpacker. I’ve been informed this isn’t true since I’m not really a backpacker, however I have done my fair share of backpacking and I like it. I welcome any better name suggestions.

I’m heading off to London for my fifth engineering work term on January 3rd; I really enjoyed blogging during my work term in Malawi so it seems appropriate to fix up this blog. My mother was hoping I would stay put after I came home from Malawi, but I’ve discovered my love of travel and my work terms provide me with a great opportunity to experience new parts of the world for months at a time.

I’ll be living and working in London until May. I’ll be staying in City Center at the YMCA. There’s a youth hostel that provides accommodations for students living in London long term. I can’t wait to start exploring London and of course nearby European countries as well. I’ve decided not to focus my blog entries on my work at all, but on my adventures over the next few months. It’s a great way to keep you all up to date on what I’ve been doing without having to send dozens of emails!

I hope you’ll follow along and leave me comments. I loved getting thoughts and questions from you when I was in Malawi and I know I’ll appreciate it in London as well! Subscribe to receive email notifications if you want to know when I post new entries!

Stay tuned,



One thought on “Welcome Back!

  1. I think that’s a great title, love it. I also think it’s great that you are back writing on your blog again. I’ll be watching for every one. Love you,,nan

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