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Goals and Expectations

Welcome to my blog! I will be using this blog for the next 4 months as I prepare to go overseas, and for the following 4 months as I complete my Junior Fellowship placement in Malawi on behalf of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada!

In my case, the Junior Fellowship program is a 20 month program. From January to August I will be preparing for my overseas placement and contributing to my chapter. I will then complete my 4 month placement in Malawi and will return home to be a leader in my chapter for another 8 months. Through my placement I hope to help connect my chapter to Africa and EWB’s overseas programs.

The goals of the Junior Fellowship program are threefold:
1. To create change in Canada
2. To create change overseas
3. To create change and learning for the Junior Fellow

While I know I will be going to Malawi, I do not yet know what my placement will be, but with only one month to go until pre-departure training in Toronto, the MUN chapter and I have started framing goals and expectations for my placement.

I am going to include my goals and expectations here for my chapter to reference, and so that I can be held accountable to them over the next 16 months.

Personal Goals

For Nushka

While preparing for placement:
Be a leader in my chapter
– Do as much foundation and preparation work as I can
– Participate in Coffeeshop coaching with return JF’s
– Set expectations with the chapter
– Follow the placements of the summer JF’s

While overseas:
Integrate into the community as best as I can
– Open communication between myself and the chapter
– Help create change in the water and sanitation sector in Malawi
– To learn as much as I can about Watsan, development, and poverty
– Interview lots of locals
– Build friendships with co-workers and my host family
– Learn about a new culture, new customs, and a new language. But to also share my culture as well
– Participate in community groups and events
– Learn about the role religion plays in the everyday lives of Africans and join the local church
– Bring a new point of view to the chapter, and educate members on EWB’s work in Malawi
– Have fun and love life!

Upon returning to Canada:
– Contribute to member learning and general meetings through sharing stories, experiences, videos, pictures, etc
– Give presentations about my placement to the chapter, the engineering faculty and as a part of youth engagement
– Mentor the new JF
– Do an awesome job on my innovation change project
– Inspire the chapter to a new level of commitment

My expectations of the Chapter:
Continue mentoring with Evan and Nushka
– Open communication
Keep in touch by reading my blogs, emailing, texting, and calling
– Keep me up to date on chapter functions
– Connect with me during at least one general meeting, and have questions prepared
– Give me feedback

The Chapter’s expectations of me:
– Keep the chapter informed on my placement
– Share experiences and update blog
– Keep in contact with the chapter
– Keep a journal
– Take lots of pictures, but actually do something with them that can benefit the chapter
– Put as much into the placement as I can
– Be safe and try not to get sick!
– Be a leader in the chapter when I return

This is quite a long post, but an important one! I appreciate comments, thoughts, and questions!

Love Maria

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