We spent two days visiting the small coastal town of Hvar, located on Hvar Island. Hvar is one of the more popular islands for tourists, as well as one of the most accessible. There’s dozens of islands along the coast of Croatia, some of which are inhabited and accessible by ferry. We traveled to Hvar by catamaran from Spilt, which is definitely the easiest way to get there and only takes 1-2 hours. There are several different companies that offer catamaran crossings on a daily basis and there is one car ferry that travels to Stari Grad, a town on the opposite side of the island. We only visited Hvar town and didn’t make it over to Stari Grad; however, I hear it’s not really worth visiting as a tourist anyways.

Hvar was incredibly beautiful! The boat drops you off at the main port in the centre of the city. The entire city circles the harbour and the buildings are all constructed up the hillside. What I really liked about Hvar is that there are no cars in the city centre, so you can stroll along all the beautiful cobblestone roads. It’s really easy to navigate the town though, all of the restaurants and clubs are located along the waterfront and you can just follow the coastal road in either direction and it will take you out of the city.


On our first day, we walked east from the town along the shore and the beautiful blue ocean waters until we reached a nice little place to go swimming. You can pretty much go swimming anywhere along the coast in Croatia by just jumping off the rocks, although in Hvar we had to be a little more careful because there is a lot of boat traffic. There were several beach areas outside the town as well, so we just walked until we found a nice one with some beach chairs to relax in! However, if you’re looking for sandy beaches, Hvar Island probably isn’t the best place to stop, I would try and visit Mljet Island instead. Hvar town is one of the most beautiful towns we visited in Croatia though, so I would definitely recommend it.


On our second day, we headed west out of the city along the coast. This is definitely the more popular route as there’s a huge resort located in that direction and a lot more beaches. We ended up spending the day at a much more crowded beach. I enjoyed it though and ended up going for a swim away from the beach and up along the coast line until I reached some other beach areas.

We also had some delicious seafood in Hvar (and pretty much every other town in Croatia for that matter). There’s one really popular club in Hvar as well that everyone makes sure to check out, it’s called Carpe Diem and it’s located right next to the boat port. We stopped in for a drink, but it was pretty overpriced in comparison to the rest of Croatia. Apparently the main attraction though is that the club arranges a huge beach party on a nearby island every other night and they provide boat taxis back and forth from the island to Hvar.IMG_0012

We were privy to a pretty incredible lightning storm in Hvar as well. It rained on and off during our first night, but had incredible streak lightning. At first we were able to just watch the lightning show from the harbour without getting wet because even though it was raining over the ocean, it hadn’t reached us yet. Eventually the rain did make it to Hvar, but we had a great show before it did!

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