About Maria

Hello Friends,

In case you’d like to know a little bit more about me, let me fill you in! I recently finished my degree in civil engineering from Memorial Univerity of Newfoundland (MUN) and have launched into my career as an Engineer-in-Training in the beautiful city of Vancouver. During my five-year degree program, I had the opportunity to travel and live abroad as a result of my engineering co-op placements. I created my blog to keep in touch and share stories with my friends and family back home and as a result, discovered my deep love of travel and writing. Throughout my blog you’ll find a collection of thoughts and stories about my time spent working in Malawi with Engineers Without Borders in 2010, my travels around Europe while living in England in 2012, and now my adventures on Canada’s West Coast. Finally, if you haven’t guessed it already, it’s important for you to know that no matter how many countries I visit, I’ll always call Newfoundland home. I may try and explore as many new places as I can, but my first real love is with the beautiful, rocky coast of Canada’s best and friendliest province.  I invite you to follow along with me in my many adventures yet to come!

Love Maria

Hiking the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland with my pup!

Hiking the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland with my pup!

Disclaimer: This blog expresses my personal thoughts and opinions; they do not necessarily represent the thoughts of any of the organizations or companies I have worked with. It should also be noted that EWB Canada is not affiliated with any other EWB’s that exist; any reference made to EWB implies EWB Canada.

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