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Welcome to my blog! I’ve used this space for all kinds of different purposes over the years. It started in 2010 as a place to share about my travels to Malawi with Engineers Without Borders and later in 2012 to document a year spent living in the UK and traveling around Europe. In 2014, I moved from my hometown in Newfoundland to Vancouver, BC and used my blog to update my family and friends back home about my new experiences on the West Coast. It’s primarily been a travel blog over the last 8 years as I love to blog about the countries I’ve visited, which includes Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

More recently, I’ve become passionate about all things outdoors and adventure related. I love the variety of activities I can do each season in BC and want to devote more space and time to write about my outdoor adventures. I love to hike and camp in the summer and ski and snowshoe in the winter. I’ve explored over 100 trails within the greater Vancouver area in the past 5 years and look forward to exploring many more! I will be continuing to blog about my travel related adventures, but my intentions are to start writing more about my outdoor adventures in BC.

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, check out some of my posts! I’m an organizational fiend and I’ve tried my best to make this site easy to navigate depending what sorts of activities you’re interested in! If you live in BC or are visiting, check out my Outdoor BC posts – I’m based in Vancouver so most activities are within a few hours drive. If you’re travelling abroad and interested in my experiences, check out my country profiles and blog entries under Travel.

Thanks for reading!

My Travel Map

My Travel Map

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